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One of the main ingredients for a good mutton kosha is patience. Kosha is a Bengali word which means to sauté or cook for a long time. Mutton kosha or kosha mangsho, is a true Bengali delicacy. It is a slow cooked dish, with a rich, dark gravy and marinated mutton that is guaranteed to melt in your mouth. It is eaten with luchi puris, parathas or palao. 

Just like other Bengali dishes, mutton kosha gets its flavour from a mix of mustard oil and a host of other spices. Marination is usually overnight as well, to make sure that the meat soaks up all that delicious flavour. This dish is a special one, cooked usually on celebratory occasions like Jamai Shashti. However, if you’re craving something sumptuous and filling, this is also the way to go.

Mutton Kosha Recipe

For this dish, you will need to marinate your mutton in yogurt and spices. The yogurt needs to be especially thick for the gravy, so you’ll need to extract the water from it. To do this, you can put the yogurt in a sieve over a bowl for an hour in the fridge. Mustard oil is recommended for this recipe because it really intensifies the curry’s flavour. However, if you don’t have it, you can use ghee or vegetable oil. 

Bone in and slightly fatty mutton is a must for this dish, especially shoulder or leg meat. This is because of the slow cooking process, without the fat and bones the mutton will become dry. We’ve got a great range of fresh and tender mutton at Licious which will really make your dish spectacular. Feel free to add as much spice as you want. You can also adjust this recipe for larger or smaller groups of people. 

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